Pastry and Baking Professional Diploma (12 month)


APAC has designed this program with the main objective of preparing students under the latest global trends, through high-level theoretical and practical training.

During the Pastry and Baking Professional Diploma, students will explore the sweet world of pastry, bakery, desserts, confectionery, jellies, mousses, among many other techniques, which will allow them to be Multifaceted, capable of adapting and performing with excellence in any environment.


This level teaches the historical and practical part of the pastry profession. We will give you the main tools that every pastry chef must have to develop their profession.

Theoretical contents: You will get to know the professional pastry chef profession from different administrative, technical, scientific and cultural angles.

Practical contents: Introduction to baking, understanding and elaborating doughs, study fermentation and bread proofing techniques and basic pastry batters such as laminated doughs, cookies and biscuits.

This level will allow you to acquire skills in sweet and salty pastry development.

Theoretical contents: You will obtain knowledge of geleés and their derivatives, meringue batters, desserts, soufflés and salty pastry along with their main elaboration and handling techniques.

Practical contents: You will learn jam and jelly preparation techniques, the three main types of pastry meringues. You will also develop the ability to prepare different desserts such as crepes, fritters as well as desserts based on baked and cold creams. Salty pastry elaboration techniques such as Beef Wellington, pizza, quiches and much more.

This level allows us to teach and prepare students in the complex and broad gastronomic world since this level contains the main skills that a professional pastry chef must possess in order to succeed.

Theoretical contents: You will obtain technical and etymological historical knowledge of different branches of confectionary and pastry.

Practical contents: We prepare you in the development of techniques to elaborate mousses and temper chocolate. You will learn to elaborate ice cream and sorbets using liquid nitrogen and dry ice techniques. You will also learn how to make aerated and creamed cakes.