Culinary Arts Professional (12 months)


We are passionate about haute cuisine

It provides a complete and comprehensive culinary training so that the student can perform successfully in the world of gastronomy, mastering advanced culinary techniques and processes that follow the new trends of types of cuisine worldwide.


This level shows the historic and practical side of the culinary world. After this level the student will know the main tools that every chef must have to develop their profession.

Theoretical contents: You will study culinary history from different administrative, technical, scientific and cultural angles.

Practical contents: Posture, knife handling, vegetable cuts, elaboration of stocks, elaboration of sauces, use of thickening agents, reductions, elaboration of soups and creams and how to plate them.

In this level, students will learn more techniques that are difficult; they will develop more skill and confidence.

Theoretical contents: Elaboration of salads and appetizers. How to elaborate and bake, bread doughs, baked breads, elaboration of fresh pasta and sauces and how to cook the variety of eggs and elaborate homemade sausages.

Practical contents: Elaborate salads from around the world, vinaigrettes and learn many Garde Manger techniques. We will teach you to cook the main varieties or rice from basmati to sushi and more like fresh pasta, where you will learn to make short, long and stuffed pasta. Classic pastry techniques are also part of this level, basic doughs, sponge method doughs and many others. Egg cooking techniques and basic charcuterie are also included.

This level allows us to teach and prepare students in the complex and broad gastronomic world since this level contains the main skills that a professional chef must possess in order to succeed.

Theoretical contents: You will obtain technical knowledge of poultry, beef, game meats as well as seafood and pastry.

Practical contents: You will learn to process and handle poultry and wild game birds while learning techniques such as deboning, braising, sous-vide as well as both dry and moist cooking methods. You will also learn the main cuts of beef, lamb and pork meat. You will learn to work with flat and round fish varieties, cephalopods, bivalves, crustaceans, and a variety cooking techniques according to each gender. You will also obtain knowledge on the basics of pastry such as meringues, pastries and biscuits.